The E-collar made a huge difference in Wrigley's behavior.

Wrigley is a 4-year old bouvier/bearded collie that we recently adopted. He was immediately a wonderful dog at home--house broken and compliant--but his manners during our walks were awful. Whenever, we would pass a car, snow blower, people, other dogs or even lawn ornaments, Wrigley would bark ferociously and fling himself toward them with every ounce of strength he possessed. I had to hold on to the leash with both hands and was fearful that I would lose control.

After three weeks of various intervention techniques, our walks ended and I was seriously considering returning Wrigley to his adoption agency. Fortunately, I had scheduled obedience classes with Jeff and Steve. We immediately reviewed basic commands that Wrigley was familiar with. He soon learned that these commands were not his choice; they were mandatory.

The e-collar made a huge difference in Wrigley's behavior. Within two weeks, he was walking well on a leash and his outbursts were reduced and controllable. He still has his moments. It's hard to erase four years of bad manners in a couple weeks, but I am definitely in control. He comes when he is called and usually remains focused on our walks. When he forgets his manners, a quick correction gets him back on track. He even travels quietly in the car now--no barking. I use the pager to call him in the morning when I don't want to make noise and wake people up.

These classes educated me on the use of the e-collar and are helping me to re-educate Wrigley. Jeff and Steve are really helpful and patient. These classes saved Wrigley's life-at least with us-and he is a happier dog because of it.

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