This would not have been possible without direction from Midwest K9 Training.

We received Heidi on Good Friday of 2006 at the tender age of 6 weeks. We did not know what we were in for; it had been over ten years since there was a dog in the house. The following week my wife and kids went to a bowling tournament and I stayed home with a very active little puppy. I decided to see how she would react to some simple commands. To my amazement she learned very quickly and retained what she learned. I knew there was something special about this fur ball.

Every night I would do something with her, but there was still a level of training that I was not able to achieve. After a visit to our vet he recommended you as a trainer for Heidi. I sure was glad I made the call. Heidi and I have a new respect for each other, she listens and I give her freedom to do things that most dog owners would not even think of doing. It is fun to be able to walk freely and not be concerned about her going after people or other dogs. So many people out there own pets and most are cooped up in a kennel or a back yard and never get the opportunity to socialize with people or other dogs, it truly is sad for these animals.

Jeff, with your training Heidi has reached a higher level of obedience and a maturity that would be seen in a dog much older than her year and a half. One time as we walked through the neighborhood she came across a very young rabbit and went after it, she had it in her mouth and I told her “NO” at that point she let it go and we continued with our walk. The baby rabbit was a bit stunned but hopped away without a scratch. We are able to walk without a leash and her most favorite thing to do is run along side me while I ride my bicycle. This would not have been possible without direction from Midwest K-9 Training.

There is still a lot to work on and Heidi’s training will be an ongoing thing for the rest of her life. I also urge all pet owners to keep there dogs minds sharp by spending time with them. Just because they go through a training program does not mean they are done. People learn all of there lives and the same is true for dogs, remember “dogs are people to”.

Thank you Jeff for everything you taught us both. It was a good experience and I would highly recommend your method of training to anybody thinking of k-9 training. Heidi is truly a valued member of our family.

Rob & Jean G.

South Bend

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