As it is now Kira is 1000% more enjoyable.

Recently my German shepherd "Kira" and I went through your E-collar class and I wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks. If you remember right, Kira's on lead obedience was good, as I had spent quite a bit of time working with her. The problem was her off lead obedience, as she "knew" when I could and could not give her a correction. Initially my wife was not real keen on the idea of "shocking" the dog with an electric collar but after talking to you and some other trainers about the situation we decided to give it a try.
After purchasing the Dogtra 200 collar from you we started the lessons. You explained things and introduced the dog to the collar in an understandable and humane manner. My wife and I were expecting death rolls and screaming from the dog when the stimulation was applied, thankfully this was not the case. It should be noted that one the problems I wanted to address was her desire to chase after deer, rabbits and turkeys. It's incredible now I can call her off those quick moving, four legged, very enticing distractions
from 25 yards away without the need of any stimulation from the collar. She has leaned that, as you put it, "I AM GOD" and she needs to listen to me even while she's not standing directly next to me.
As it is now Kira is 1000% more enjoyable (it's almost like having another dog), which is shocking as she was already a good obedient dog. In the end, I highly recommend you, your line of collars (I researched them) and your training method to anyone who is in need of dog training. If you ever need a reference feel free to use me.

Thanks again,
Scott B.