Can a show dog benefit from Midwest K9 Training? Yes!!

Can a show dog benefit from Midwest K9 Training?  Yes!!  Can a Goofy Golden Retriever with an exuberance for life be made better with Midwest K9 Training?  Yes!!  Legend started showing in Conformation at 6 months of age and performed very well.  He has zest for life and a spontaneity for fun and life that I was afraid of dampening.  That said, he had just turned two years old and I had not been successful with “reward” training methods in getting him to respond to “come” or “stay” in ways that I knew we needed to keep him safe.  I’ve experienced the pain of having a dog killed by a train, and another killed by a car, and I could not face that kind of outcome with Legend.  I realized the only way to improve his safety was to improve his discipline so I could have better control over him when we are out in public. I was not an easy sell, and asked to audit one of Jeff’s classes.  I attended a class and observed the use of the tool, and the methodology behind it.  I scheduled my own introductory class, and watched Legend interact with Jeff and observed the mutual respect.  That first night I learned the most important lesson, that this training was really for me.  Jeff is a good trainer of people, and through that,the people get to enjoy new and exciting relationships with their dogs.  Our second class, we were off leash and learning our basic commands.  The real joy was in watching the dogs interacting and learning to be good citizens with people and dogs alike.  I’ve since experienced my dog Legend in new ways for me; freedom to take him for river walks, neighborhood walks, off leash and heeling, sitting quietly while waiting for cars to pass, and coming whenever called.  Dogs will always be dogs, but now I have a tool that allows me to enjoy my dog with more confidence and freedom.  Now, if Jeff could just get me to STOP coming to classes, that would be true success J

Janet B.



                                      “Legend” as Best of Winners at Valparaiso’s Popcorn Cluster, 2011