Happy with our Eli
 Happy with our Eli


Our dog, Eli, (a two year old Cairn Terrier) is the only dog we have ever owned that would not come to us.  It was so frustrating that he would only come when he was good and ready.  We've had Eli since he was 8 weeks old.  We took him to Pet Smart Obedience class soon after we got him.  There he was treat trained.  The only thing is, it worked only if he was in the mood for a treat.  When it came to coming to us when called, he was never in the mood for a treat.  Barking was a problem because he wouldn't come to us, so, sometimes he would bark for 2 hours or more straight.  It was annoying to us, so, I can imagine how annoying it was for all our neighbors.
We loved Eli, but, we couldn't fully enjoy him because we were so frustrated with him alot.  He really had us trained.  Of course, we had no intention of getting rid of him.  All in all, he has a great personality.  He's a very happy dog, he likes people, kids and other dogs.  Everything he does, he's having fun and not realizing that anything he's doing or not doing can be annoying.  Our main complaint with him was not coming when called.  It was disheartening to think that for years to come with Eli, the frustration with him would also be part of our lives.
There was no question that we had to do something!  Our daughter mentioned you from time to time, so, finally I did call you.  It was one of the best phone calls I ever made.  We realized from the start that the E-collar was not a form of torture, but, actually quite gentle.  Eli will come to us to have his collar put on.  If it hurt, he surely would not come to have it put on.  From the first lesson, he started to come to us and he's still coming to us when called.  We were really impressed at our last class.  You took us to the park and we walked around the block without a leash and Eli stayed right with us and didn't try to take off running as he normally would have done.  We are still amzed that he comes everytime we call him.
We tell everyone about you and what your training has done for us.  Anyone that needs dog training, we will highly recommed you.
Thank you soooooo much!!!
Ron and Janet

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