The training sessions were a huge success and priceless!!!

My Parents discovered You through your Lovely Wife and her wonderful Coffee and Gift Shop (Outer Grounds). After shopping and chatting, they came to my home bearing gifts, Bird seed, an adorable Squirrel coffee mug and Your Business Card!!!

My Husband and I had been considering Professional Training for our Newest Adopted Family Members, Ellie Bean & Cricket (now-7 month old Black Lab sisters). Our Family has been very Blessed with Loving, but not very Obedient, 4-Legged Kids, which, makes it really hard to involve them into all of our Family Functions and Active Lifestyle! So ... I made a "cute" cup of coffee and called to set up a consultation for us to meet with you!

I NEVER thought that I would be the kind of Mom to have my Canine Kids trained using an E-Collar or any kind of Negative Re-Enforcement training. During the consultation you mentioned "Stimulation Training", I'm sure you remember, I mentioned, "I don't go for shock treatment!" and actually I wasn't keen on the idea of the choke ­collar either. I have a Passion for Animals!!! I believe they are "Beating Heart Creatures" of God, that He has sent, to Bless Our Lives with Companionship and True Unconditional Friendship! And Jeff, as You well know working with the K-9 Police Force, these Angels are sent here "To Protect & Serve" (Self Sacrifice) and to Partner With Us - to better Our Lives and Others, as well as the Community and all over the World!

As the Consultation went on I began to feel more comfortable with the idea of the Negative Training process, as I was really not getting to far (except teaching my Girls to "sit" & "shake") with Positive (Treat) Training at home. Because of the Full-Time job that you do each day (the Importance of Training Results) and Your confession of Love and Respect for Our "Furry Friends", I was convinced that YOU were the TEACHER for us! Of course, you thought that I should seriously think about it, but, I had decided to put my trust in You and place my Canine Babies in Your Hands!

The Training Sessions were a Huge Success AND Priceless!!!
You were not only Working with my Girl's, but Teaching me to Communicate with Them!!! Everything that You were conveying to me made total sense. Because you understand that I think of my Ellie & Cricket as my Children, you said something like, "Would you let your Children "walk all over you" and let them do whatever they want, especially if it could bring them harm or cost them their very LIFE? You are the Parent, the BOSS (the Leader of the Pack) and just like Children, they should be disciplined and taught Right from Wrong!" Jeff, You are so right! And the best thing of all, I believe, is that, this form of training isn't cruel, as I had always thought. If taught properly, it just "gets their attention" (with slight discomfort) so that they will respond to a command. I realize now, that this training is actually more Humane than constantly shouting commands and complete chaos when company comes to the door or when we go out in public. I can only compare it to a Human Child that is explained to - how to behave in a store, and the child that is dragged by their arm kicking and screaming.

I really feel much more comfortable, since the training, I know that I can control the situation better -I have an extreme fear of my Kids getting hit by a car, now I can call them back to me immediately. no matter how occupied they are! And I know that after a short while they won't even need the stimulation or even the choke collar, my Girls will no longer be "bouncing off the walls", they will know how to act at all times and actually have a more Fulfilled, Fun and much Safer Life!

This has been a Great experience for us ALL. We have really learned a lot and our Family and Friends already find them more Pleasurable to be around. They are much more Obedient and I believe Happier than before enrolling in your class. I spend more quality time individually with each Girl, since we've been doing our Training Homework each day. I can tell that they LOVE it, they are like little sponges, they want to learn and "work" ("come", "sit", "stay", "down" and their favorite "Free-Dog").
Even our 7 year old Chocolate Shar Pei, Onyx, has benefited - Who said "Old Dogs can't learn new tricks?" I've been using the Training Techniques with Her and I am seeing results!!! I almost can't believe it!!!

Of course, My Husband and I, Thank my Parents for Discovering You and their Support with this Endeavor, we have all reaped the rewards of this INVESTMENT! and, A BIG THANK YOU again to YOU Jeff, for sharing your Gift of Knowledge and God given Talent with us! God Bless You, Your Family and Your K-9 Partner!

Thank You From Our Whole Family - Especially,

Ellie, Cricket & Onyx too!!
Andy, Amy & Santana B. &
Tina & Dale W. (Nana and Papa) (The Girl's Second Home)