Popcorn was soon going for walks with no leash!!!

Our Lab was 1.5 years old when we adopted her and VERY active. She was not a bad dog but she was almost impossible to take for a walk. She pulled too hard and with great strength. She would run away to play with her dog friend and swim in the lake any chance that she could. The day she pulled me off my feet and on the ground was the day I decided we could not put off getting her trained any longer. Our Vet. referred us to Jeff Rynearson for training. Since our dog had an underground fence with her previous owner, I had the (E) training collar in mind.

Jeff offered a lot of information and insight into the training process. Our dog (Popcorn) responded well to the training as it started off with the simple commands of SIT and STAY. With a little practice, the E-collar and, Jeff's direction Popcorn was soon going for walks with NO LEASH!!! And NOT running away! She CAME when I called her! She will even sit and stay when we have guests. Our neighbors were pretty impressed and asked about the training. One comment was "she even seems calmer than before" (her training.)

This is not something I could have done on my own and was well worth what we spent on training her. THANKS Jeff you are a nice person, you are good with dogs and their families.

Your friends, Karen, Trevor, Seth, Mark, and Officer Popcorn