I thought I would have to give up my dog, Luka.

I thought I would have to give up my dog, Luka. At 6 mos old he was very high drive and really difficult for me to handle. I wasn’t in charge of Luka; he was in charge of me. I was running out of options until I found Jeff.

I was impressed with Jeff from our very first telephone conversation. He really listened and offered me hope. Jeff is very caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He not only knows the mind of the dog but he is a great people trainer, too.

His command of Luka was impressive. Luka respected him immediately and was very responsive to his leadership and e collar training. Jeff taught me how to become an effective pack leader and how to communicate with my dog by understanding his body language. No more pulling, popping or jerking. Jeff had me in control of Luka OFF LEASH (!!) in just a few sessions.

I would recommend Jeff and Midwest K9 Training to everyone. Luka, who’s future was once uncertain, has become the dog I always wanted him to be.

Thank you Jeff for my dog Luka.