Apollo was off leash by the 3rd session and has surpassed our expectations.

Jeff: We wanted to express our sincere thanks in the great service that you provide. We knew that we needed obedience training for Apollo so that we could easily control him and provide him the freedom of being off leash. Little did we know that we needed the training as much, if not more, than Apollo did! Once we understood how our tone and body language is interpreted by Apollo, we were able to correct our actions which allowed us to quickly train Apollo to obey our commands. To our surprise, Apollo was completely off leash by the third session and he has surpassed our expectations. A perfect example of our success happened about half way through the training ... I arrived home after my husband put Apollo in Sit-Stay out by our barn. My husband walked up to the back porch to greet me and we had a conversation, about 15-minutes later we realized that Apollo was still waiting for us to issue the Free Dog command. We were both shocked that he patiently waited and didn't move an inch during that entire time! I'm so glad that we utilized the e-collar as the results have been tremendous. We can definitely say that Apollo is a much happier dog for having gone through the experience. Thanks again for your guidance, support, and expertise.

Julie and Max O.