Welcome to Midwest K9 Training, Inc. Police Division

Police dog handlers conducting your departments' police dog training...put our years of experience in K9 street patrol to work for you.

Welcome to Midwest K9 Training, Incorporated. It is our mission to assist working dogs, their handlers, trainers, and departments throughout the country. 

We offer Police K9 Monthly Maintenance Training, Remote Collar Training 3 Day Courses, Narcotics Detection Training and Narcotics Certification.

Combined, our professional trainers have been involved in well over 500 suspect apprehensions with their K9 partner in the line of duty.  Let us put our knowledge of actual police dog applications to work for you!

Since 1997 we have utilized the remote training collar to improve our performance, decrease civil liability and establish clear thinking, focused, obedient police work dogs. Long gone are the days of “choking” our dogs in order to gain compliance and follow our commands.

Through our experience in training and deploying with the remote collar, we maximize K9 performance, safety and profieciency. Take the tactical advantage of allowing your police partner to work off-leash, with the confidence that he will respond and work independently.

With our system of “hands off” training through motivation, your dog will recognize the benefits of listening to the “pack leader” and understand that following a simple command will lead to something more important and enticing to him.

See our upcoming seminar page for your opportunity to “Unleash Your K9 Potential“!

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